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ARRA Urges New Approach to Airport-Concessionaire Relations

The stark realities faced by airport concessionaires looking to rebuild their businesses were reiterated Wednesday in a call-in forum hosted jointly by the Airport Restaurant & Retail Association (ARRA) and the Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC).

In conjunction with the call, ARRA issued a new paper, titled “Facing Facts: The Survival of Airport Shopping and Dining”, which seeks to illuminate the realities of what concessionaires are facing and what steps must be taken to preserve the industry. Steve Van Beek, head of North American Aviation for Steer, a global transportation management consultancy, and Rob Wigington, executive director of ARRA, discussed some of the key challenges facing concessionaires.

In the paper and on the call, the participants suggested that a change in how airports and concessionaires work together is needed because the “meeting of the minds” underlying concessions contract is gone.

Read full story here.

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