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DEN to Partner for Contactless Biometric Solution

Denver International Airport (DEN) this week announced a strategic partnership with biometric technology company Daon to launch a pilot program this summer to create contactless solutions to boost traveler confidence throughout the airport experience.

Using Daon’s IdentityX platform for digital on-boarding and authentication, DEN plans a multi-faceted approach to develop and test identity-driven technology tools that enable a touchless experience, maximize physical distancing, and assist risk-based health mitigation for passengers and airport workers.

“The airport experience is going to have to change in fundamental ways to give people confidence that their journey will be safe and efficient,” said DEN CEO Kim Day. “Our goal of the partnership with Daon is to develop solutions and options for travelers that will shape the future of travel and give passengers and employees the tools they need to move through the airport environment with assurance.”

Read full story here.

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