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DFW becomes the world’s busiest airport during COVID-19 downturn

Flights and passengers were down substantially at DFW in May, but not as much as other major airports.

DFW International Airport was the world’s busiest airport in May, leaping ahead of other major travel hubs that have downsized during the COVID-19 pandemic.

DFW, still running a fraction of the flights it did a few months ago, operated 12,132 flights in May, far ahead of the No. 2 airport, Chicago O’Hare, according to aviation data company OAG. O’Hare, the biggest hub for Chicago-based United Airlines, had 8,596 flights, OAG said.

“Although we have no passenger numbers, I suspect that it was also the busiest from a passenger number given the large differential,” said OAG senior analyst John Grant.

For DFW, it’s been a matter of shrinking less than other airports have. In February, before the COVID-19 pandemic starting hitting the U.S. air industry hard, DFW Airport had about 26,000 landing and departing flights, behind both Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and Chicago O’Hare.

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