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‘Facing Facts’: ARRA issues ten-point paper addressing relief and recovery

The Airport Restaurant & Retail Association (ARRA) has underscored its call for financial support for airport concessionaires by issuing a ten-point paper outlining the harsh realities of business today, and the actions needed to aid recovery.

As reported, ARRA and its counterpart organization the Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC) have been urging US airports and Congress to ensure financial relief measures for their members, airport restaurateurs and retailers.

This week ARRA released ‘Facing Facts: The Survival of Airport Shopping and Dining’, which Chairman Pat Murray said should help “stimulate conversation” around the industry’s future. On ARRA’s weekly call with its membership this week, Murray discussed the key points (see below) with airport consultant Steve van Beek and ARRA Executive Director Rob Wigington.

Read full story here.

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