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Help on the Horizon for Struggling Airport Concessionaires

The City of Chicago’s Departments of Aviation (CDA) and Procurement Services (DPS) today announced a partnership to enlist established Assist Agencies to provide support and technical services for small, diverse airport businesses, including concessionaires, hit hard by COVID-19’s impact on the aviation industry. Resources that foster and enable business sustainability and job retention will be a particular focus. The announcement follows the successful passage of CDA’s Concessions Relief Program through the City Council’s Committee on Aviation. The ordinance is scheduled for a full council vote next week.

“I applaud CDA, DPS, and Assist Agencies for their collaborative effort to support our small diverse businesses, including ACDBE concessionaires, that provide travelers with the best flavor and culture our city has to offer,” said Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot. “This partnership represents exactly the kind of innovative solutions we need for our businesses not only to stay afloat during the COVID-19 crisis but become even stronger and more dynamic as a result. Despite the challenges we face, we will continue doing everything we can to support our city’s entrepreneurs through this unprecedented moment and lay the groundwork for the historic recovery to follow.”

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