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Lufthansa schedules start to rebound in June amid hopeful signs in Europe

This summer could see the aviation industry inching back to recovery, at based on news coming out of Europe during the past week.

Lufthansa said on Thursday that it would begin flying a much larger chunk of its regular schedule in June.

Combined with the other Lufthansa Group partners (Swiss, Eurowings, Brussels and Austrian), the network will run more than 1,800 round-trip flights each week by the end of next month.

“With the June flight schedule, we are making an important contribution to the revitalization of the aviation infrastructure”, Lufthansa Group board member Harry Hohmeister said in a statement. “People want to and can travel again, whether on holiday or for business reasons. That’s why we will continue to expand our offer step by step in the coming months and connect Europe with each other and Europe with the world”.

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