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Two Flights, Two Airports, And What Flying Is Like Today

On Friday, June 5, I took a trip to Boston from Washington and back, making note of of all the changes in airports and on flights and to see if I felt safe, if others did, and if flying now is really practical. If you don’t want to read the detail, here’s the upshot: Go book now! Here is what I learned and confirmed:

Airports are Easy to Navigate

My first surprise of the day was seeing that I’d only need to pay $17 to park close in for the day instead of the usual $25. Parking was easy but not empty. In the Reagan National (DCA) terminal, most concessions are closed and lines were short. I saw good signage reminding people to follow distancing guidelines. TSA was well staffed and lines were short in both the normal and Pre-Check lanes.

Read full story here.

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